SnS Dips

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SnS Dips 

Whether you're into sweet or savory, we've got the easiest dips for you that will make you a hero at the next potluck or family gathering. Easy instructions on the back of the package as well as a full ingredient list. 

Product Details

  • Hand Crafted 
  • Many are Gluten Free
  • Several Flavors 
  • Small Batch Mixes

Ingredients List: 

Loaded BakedPotato: Enjoy with crackers, chips, or pretzels. Makes a great topping for baked potatoes too. Just add Sour cream and chill. 

Garlic & Chives: Enjoy with pretzels, crackers, or vegetables. Makes a great topping for baked potatoes too. Also comes with cheese ball instructions. Just add sour cream (or greek yogurt) and chill. Gluten Free. 

Savory Herb Bread Dip: Serve with sliced french baguette bread or other italian breads. Also makes a great marinade for chicken, beef, and pork. Use also to make garlic butter and put on bread. Just add olive oil. Gluten Free. 

Blooming Onion: Enjoy with veggies, pretzels, or tortilla chips. Also makes a great dip for onion rings. Just add sour cream, mayo, and chill. Gluten Free. 

Dill: Dip with veggies or crackers. Also great to cook fish with. Just add sour cream and chill. Gluten Free. 

Bacon Chili Cheese: Dip with tortilla chips, vegetables, or use as a cracker spread. Also great on baked potatoes as a topping. Just add sour cream and chill. 

Fiesta: Serve with tortilla chips, add to a taco salad, or use to create a layer dip. Can also be used to make tacos or fajitas. Just add sour cream, mayo, and chill. Gluten Free. 

Cheddar Chipotle Jalapeno: Dip with tortilla chips or vegetables. Also great on tacos, fajitas, or use in a layered dip. Just add sour cream (or plain yogurt) and chill. 

S'Mores: Serve with animal or graham crackers. Just add cream cheese and chill. Gluten Free. 

Black Raspberry & White Chocolate Chip: Serve with fresh fruit, animal or graham crackers, or use as a bagel spread. Just add cream cheese and chill. 

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