Dixie Grace Wax Melts Signature Scent

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Wax Melts

For use in Wax Warmers, these cubes of scented wax are sure to take you down south in no time!  

Burn Time (approximate) - 60 to 70 Hours of Warming Time 

We recommend warming 2 cubes for 3-4 hours at a time over multiple uses until scent is gone from the soy wax. Prolonged warming (more than 3-4 hours) will deteriorate the scent faster but is safe if prolonged warming is preferred. When you're ready to change scents, carefully soak the melted wax up with a cotton ball (or two or three) and toss in the trash. Be sure to wipe residual wax from the warmer before adding new scent cubes. 

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Scent Descriptions: 

A Southern Boy's Bubble Gum: Now this one may strike you as slightly insane. But any Southern Girl knows EXACTLY what I am talking about - just ask them! Ever smelled a fresh can of dip? The smell is divine, the dip is, well not so much. Vanilla, Mint, and Cream combine to remind us of A Southern Boy’s Bubble Gum, one of our Signature Scents.

Barefoot in the Apple Orchard: Who wants to be Barefoot in the Apple Orchard? You do! Crisp Apple and Lush Clover combine to drop your feet in the Orchard and take off skipping! This is our personal favorite! If you love the smell of fresh Apple, you’ll love this Signature Scent even more.

Cinnamon Stix: Cinnamon is a warm, timeless scent. Our Signature Scent, Cinnamon Stix, is straight cinnamon and not combined with any other scents. Let Cinnamon Stix take you to the southern kitchens of Dixie to relax for a while, remembering Grandma's baking and stories around the kitchen table. 

Debutante's Ball: Magnolias sweep the landscape of a Debutante's Ball! Debutante's Ball is one of our Signature Scents and is a sweet, floral. 

Fresh Cut Hay: Fresh Cut Hay is our Signature "Grass" Scent. Sweet Grass and Bamboo combine to leave you standing in a Fresh Cut Hay Field.

Front Porch Thunderstorms: Ever watched a storm cloud roll across the sky? In the south, we do it from our front porch in a rocking chair with a glass of sweet tea. Hear the thunder and feel the ground shake with this deep, fresh rain scent. Watch out for the lightning! 

Georgia Peach: Ever had a Georgia Peach straight out of the orchard? Our Signature Scent sliced some of these fresh peaches to bring you a raw, juicy Georgia Peach straight to you and your home. This is the best peach you've ever had, or dreamed of having. Trust us. 

Hangin' Out to Dry: My grandmother always hung clothes out on the line to dry. Fresh Linen and Cotton will make you feel like you are sliding on your fresh washed jeans, dried by the summer sun. Hangin’ Out to Dry is one of our Signature Scents.

Moon Rise Over the Mississippi: Take a walk after dark and watch the Moon Rise Over The Mississippi, one of our Signature Scents. Bamboo, Ginger, Sandalwood, Musk, and Violets form the mysterious secrets only the night can keep.

Papa's Pipe Smoke: I can still smell Papa’s Pipe Smoke from the den as he sat in his leather recliner watching SEC Football! Amber, Rose, & Tobacco fuse together to lift your senses! Prepare to be carried away by Papa’s Pipe Smoke, one of our Signature Scents. 

Rise N Shine: Daddy's coffee brewing at 4 am in the morning before he went to work. Deep, Rich Espresso and Fresh Brewed Coffee blend into our Signature Scent founded on that memory. Rise 'N Shine with Dixie Grace! 

Spicy Bayou: Follow the smell of Spice, Patchouli, Amber, and Vanilla straight into the wetlands of southern Louisiana. Spicy Bayou, one of our Signature Scents, will take you to the Cajun South! Laissez les bons temps roule!

Spirit of the Everglades: Did you know the only place the Eucalyptus Tree grows natively in the United States is deep in the Florida Everglades? Known for its intense calming and healing properties used by the Seminoles, we have tapped into this centuries old tree. Combining Eucalyptus with a hint of Spearmint, Dixie Grace brings you our Newest Signature Scent, Spirit of the Everglades. 

Sunday Hymns: This rich floral fragrance of Lily, Italian Bergamot, Lemon, Rose, and Jasmine takes you to the front pew on a Sunday morning. Sunday Hymns, one of our Signature Scents, will make you hear the choir from your own living room.

Vanilla in the Beans: Vanilla in the Beans is our classic, sultry, sweet Vanilla Signature Scent.

Wild Blackberry Briars: Ever prick your fingers pickin’ fresh Blackberries? So have we, but the berries are SO worth it! This Signature Scent is like picking straight from Wild Blackberry Briars! It is not a sweet blackberry (like a dessert), but a ripe fresh scent. We love it almost as much as fresh blackberries.

Brandy & Billiards:  Dimmed lights, dark woods, green felt, snifters of brandy, tall tales. We know what parlors look like late into the night. Vanilla, Tonka, Orchid, Coconut, Jasmine, Cocoa Bean, and Sandalwood mix to fill the air with good times as we bring Brandy & Billiards to life. Give this one a try and you'll hear the cue ball breaking the rack in no time! 

Fresh Cotton: Cotton, Mandarin, and Freesia notes combine to take you to the cotton fields of the south. This Odor Neutralizer will have your home smelling crisp and fresh in no time! Fresh Cotton will open your windows and bring in the fresh breeze, without you ever having to lift a finger. This is Dixie Grace Candle Company's flagship scent. 

Masquerade Ball: What happens behind the masks of the infamous underground Masquerade Balls? The colors, feathers, lace, satin, and dark secrets intrigue us. We could never tell you why the attendees hide behind glass masks but we can tell you we are sure it involves some Leather, Musk, Woods, and Patchouli. Let Masquerade Ball take you to strange places and dark secrets in the night. 

Milk Bath: Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey surround you in luxury in this sweet but refreshing scent. This warm scent blend will help you relax, feel pampered, and help clear your mind. Reminds us of pampering ourselves with a soothing milk bath. 

Morning Dew: 

Rain on a Tin Roof: Ever spent a lazy Sunday afternoon listening to the rain hit the tin roof of the barn? If not, you should. Midnight Orchid, Rose, Musk, & Vanilla combine to take you there. We promise you'll love Rain On A Tin Roof!  

Sweet Dreams: 

Savannah's Southern Charm: Water, Amber, Teakwood, and White Tea bring Savannah's Southern Charm to life.

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