Hand Made Car Scents

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Ya'll.....The Smells of these are sooo Yummy and they last 2-3 months. 

Perfect for your car, gym back, drawers, whatever

We have the cutest shapes and we are constantly adding new ones and new scents too so keep checking back. 

*May come with or without glitter depending on availability 

Strawberry Buttercream (Red)- Sweet, sugary and butter whipped frosting scent with a hint of plump strawberries

Tropical Oasis (yellow)- Passionfruit, sparkling water, guava, juicy mango, and sun bleached wood

Salt Water Taffy (lime green)- this one explains it all, sweet, citrusy, berry, and sea salt

Little Black Dress (black)- blend of carnations, sandalwood, and toasted vanilla

Flannel Sheets( Turquoise)- smells just like Tide!

Vanilla Leather (purple)-  perfect neutral scent with a hint of vanilla 

Strawberry Leather (red)- perfect neutral scent with a hint of strawberry

Bahama Mama (orangeish red)- The perfect tropical mixture of fruit scent 

Going Bananas (yellow)- a blend of bananas, strawberry, bubble gum, kiwi and vanilla

Black Cherry (red)- a fruity mixture just like your favorite old time candy

Some Beach (lime green)- a blend of Tropical Oasis and Salt Water Taffy! 

Watermelon (green)- smells just like the jolly rancher

Midnight in Texas (blueish purple)- leather and flannel sheets mixed

Fireball Cinnamon- like the candy or liquor, it's a winner 

Love Spell (red or purple)- Inspired by our fav VS scent. fresh sensuous fragrance oil  with notes of grapefruit, clementines, and strawberry. Mixed with peach, black currant, and rose petals

Tutti Frutti (neon yellow)- tropical bold mix of all your favorite fruit scents

Teakwood and Coconut (blue)- tropical coconut with island flowers, hints of jasmine and violet 

Pink Sugar (hot pink)- notes of pink cotton candy, sweet lemon drops, raspberries, fig leaves, caramel, orange, and powdery vanilla

Peach Sangria- Juicy ripe peaches with strawberry, pineapple, jasmine and coconut mixed in.. the perfect summer scent!

Caribbean Spa- Warm, salty sea air with sandalwood.. a new fresh clean scent!


*not recommended in heat 100 degrees or more in direct sunlight or laying flat. 

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