3 for $39 Grab Bag Tees

$ 39.99

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Some Old, Some New, Some Exclusive

We know how much you love Southern Mess Graphic Tees. 

Crazy soft and the surprise is half the fun!

Snag a deal and be sure to snap a pick and show us how you style yours!

We know how much you love our graphic tees so if you have purchased some from us before, or a grab bag, please feel free to include which ones in the notes section. We try our best not to send duplicates. Also if you're a farm girl, proud Mama, coffee lover, mouth like a sailor, hunter, and/or wife let us know! We would love to match you with ones you will love! This may be a mixture of tees, tanks, long sleeve, and/or holiday styles. 


NO COUPON CODES CAN BE USED WITH THIS OFFER-Please order separately if you would like to use a coupon towards other items in your order. If a coupon code is used your order may be cancelled. 

If you already own some of our tees please indicate them in the notes section. We try our best not to send duplicates. Also tell us about yourself. Are you a coffee lover? have a cheeky sense of humor? Cuss a lot (haha)? Farm girl? Wife? Mom? We love to get to know you but please don't send us shirt requests. We can't accommodate them in our grab bags :)

*please note that ones in the picture are not guaranteed, it's a surprise ;)