Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Not long ago, someone that I was once close to, told me that I had no family, no friends, and that I must live a sad and lonely life.

That’s suppose to sting right?

Only this didn’t, because the thing is, I would chose loneliness a thousand times over before I chose any sort of relationship that made me feel like I was less than worthy of love and friendship.

Are you surrounding yourself with company that elevates you or that works harder to bring you down?

Are you settling for less than you deserve because you’re afraid to be alone?

Do you sacrifice your peace, moral compass, or needs to make someone else comfortable?

If you are, and I have, I promise you that you will create a war inside yourself. When you set those boundaries, your circle will shrink, but you’ll feel anything but lonely because the loneliest thing in the world is living a life you don’t love.



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