The Calm After the Storm

The Calm After the Storm

Ya'll there are things in our life that are meant to challenge us. Some deep to the core of your soul and some that seem devastating at the time but are really minor in perspective. 

For the past 10 days we were without electricity. Hit by an ice storm that devastated our town, the area, and our farm. Pretty hard when you are caring for a family, a business that is run online and a farm. I went 3 days before I showered, then 3 more after that. I think that's the longest I've gone without one, since I was like 5. That first shower offered to me by someone who owed me nothing. Just a kind gesture and one worth remembering. Inspiring me to pay it forward someday.

We did break down and buy a generator after about day 5 or 6. A painful purchase, but without it we would continue to go without hot water, which not only we need for that said shower, but our bottle calf who I worried would get sick drinking his milk cold. We needed power to cook, so my girls could go back to school, so I could work. 

I've been spending my time cutting out the ugly from my life. Whether it be people, my own thoughts, or the noise from the outside world. Through this, I remained positive, slightly anxious but manageable and I focused on all the things I COULD do without electricity. Yea, hauling buckets of water to animals isn't fun, but hey I could use the exercise. To be honest, without the distraction of my phone or the internet I got to read, A lot. I got to really listen to my kids. I got to explore outside. I even got to watch my girls spend a whole day helping their Dad move tree limbs while I deep cleaned all the places in our home I always say I have no time to do.

If you look closely in the photo of me, you will see some of those branches blurred in the background. I contemplated moving them. I did. And then I decided that even though no one will probably notice, I will. I will see them and remember this storm. A man lost his life getting power back in our area. Working around the clock, like countless others, so our area could stop living in the dark. Makes my hot water catastrophe seem like an absolute joke compared to the nightmare his family is living right now.  

Each day is a gift. There is no promise of a tomorrow.

 Cherish the beauty even in the storm. And keep on smiling. 



Owner, Creator, and Work A Holic at Southern Mess

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