When Life Hands You Lemons...You add some Vodka and Go with It

When Life Hands You Lemons...You add some Vodka and Go with It

Photo shoots have not been in my favor lately. The weather up in the Panhandle of Texas has been insane, windy, and don't even get me started on the dust. I've been postponing new arrival shoots hoping the weather would eventually give me a break. It hasn't! So we decided to go through with our model shoot anyway despite a chance for rain and the wind a blowin'. 

Of course, I get this crazy idea a few weeks ago that I wanted to take photos from our Hunting Line using my husband's deer blind. If ya'll know a hunter, live with a hunter, or have ever been around a hunter then you know that in November you DO NOT disturb the wildlife and you DO NOT host a dang photo shoot on sacred ground. But of course, I'm a Capricorn which means I'm stubborn, so I tell my husband we will go early so that all will remain as it was and no deer will be disturbed in the making of our ad campaign. I didn't give him a chance to tell me no. 

So...we load up in our Ranger and we head out. Wind is messing up everyone's hair but whatevs. We get half way to our destination and our Ranger begins to slow down. I'm thinking "this is weird" and then it goes no more. We are stuck. Surely not. This can't be. We are far from much and I have 3 models in full on model gear with heels to match as well as my 3 children (mind you I discover one is barefoot). My husband is out gun shopping (imagine that) and....between 4 social media junkie adults we have no phones. Yep, you read that right. Not one. So we look on the map my husband drew us and decide no biggie. It's not that far. We will just walk. We send my oldest and middle child on a hike back to get a 4wheeler which will then take them up to our home to drive a vehicle back and we start walking. Barefoot child stays in the Ranger.(let the judging begin) We get further down and realize that the deer blind is still super far away and no way we are walking that far. So I'm thinking, Whatever. Screw it. Maybe it's a sign. Let's just take photos right here in the pretty field. So I grab my camera and....ya'll I can't even make this stuff up....No battery in the camera. So now here we are, all dressed up with really no place to go. With no phones and no battery. Mind you, now it's getting later and we have accomplished nothing. So by now we are laughing and I've pretty much decided this is not going to happen.  I begin to wonder what's taking the girls so long and my Mommy worry sets in. Then sure enough I see this little blue van coming down the road (yes, ya'll I live in the country and drive a mini van, super trendy I know). So now we all load up and my sister in law gets her Razor, which is crazy fun but not when you want nice hair, and we take the 4 wheeler, Razor, and mini van out to our deer blind destination. Finally, we make it, only to discover that the whole thing is surrounded by an electric fence and that voltage is pumping! Now, I may be country, but those fences make me nervous and lowering one while it's charged gets my heart pumping. But we handle it like champs and drive on through.

Now for the kicker...You know what photos turned out the best? I'll give you a guess..Not the ones up on our deer blind but the ones in the field of grass below. You know, the same grass we have in our pasture right outside our door without all the work involved.

I think we all earned a drink or five tonight! So when you see our photos pop up give us a little cheer because, my friends, we definitely earned it!



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