Back to School - Mom's this one is for you!

Back to School - Mom's this one is for you!

"Running a Business is Hard. Being a Mom is Harder. Balancing them both has me feeling some days like I'm a super skilled Ninja and other days like one Big Hot Mess. "
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Self Love is the Greatest Middle Finger of All Time

Self Love is the Greatest Middle Finger of All Time

Hey Ya'll! I'm Barb the Owner of Southern Mess. Most days you can find me in our Warehouse working my tail off to bring you the latest and greatest. We are known for our love for fashion that focuses on Real Women. All of our Models are 30+, have real bodies, kids, work, and our images are not photoshopped. We want you to really see what you will look like in our clothes. People would often refer to me as having a Gypsy Soul with a Sailor's Mouth. And I won't argue with that. I love serving the world but empowering Woman to support one another and giving back to our Community where I can. I'm most passionate about my husband, my 3 girls, our ranch, and my business. When I'm not busy working on the boutique you can find me outdoors on our Ranch. Or doing piles and piles of laundry. Yay...laundry. 

If you're dying to hear more, here are 5 things you might not know about me: 

1. I have chapstick....everywhere. All over our house, in my car, in the office. Addicted. 

2. I love a little coffee with my creamer. 

3. I never raised a farm animal until we moved onto our Ranch. 

4. I used to get up every morning and milk our goats before work. 

5. My husband and I had 3 children before we decided to Marry. 

Still here and don't think I'm super weird? Great. Then we should be friends. Seriously though....Let's Connect! Follow me on Facebook and IG @smboutiquetx. 

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