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The journey of owning your own business is never suppose to be easy and it takes a large amount of dedication, time, and yes, even tears. When we began, we never imagined how much we were going to grow. While we feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity, I began to get frustrated with my lack of connections with our customers. Customer service is our pride and joy and we work hard to set ourselves a part but I felt like Southern Mess began to be sales pitch after sales pitch and I was loosing those connections. 

Getting to know our customers, their likes/dislikes, frustrations in the real world, and what makes them laugh like crazy, is extremely important to us and we were losing out on those social aspects of our fan base so....We decided to create a VIP Group. 

Of course it's all about Sneak Peeks, First Dibs on New Arrivals, and exclusive deals and discounts but it's also about connections. We love when you share your pics enjoying our products, we love hearing your funny stories, and I love being REAL with ya'll. 

Even as I type this, on a Sunday morning, I'm in the process of drinking luke warm coffee (yuck) with WAY too much creamer and negotiating with a 4 year old about what the word Play Clothes means, and no, your fancy flower girl dress is not play clothes by the way. I'm a working Mom with three kiddos and a farm to juggle, and the goats are probably already ticked I decided to sleep in this morning before milking! 

That's just life and one I can guess many of you can totally relate to. 

When I say we appreciate every single one of you, we do! From the top, bottom, and middle of our hearts. 

We would love to have you join our VIP Facebook Group and get to know us as we get to know you.

and if you ever have any questions, concerns, comments, you name it you can always email us at You will get a quick response and be in direct contact with me. 

Happy Sunday! 


Owner- Southern Mess Boutique 

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