Show That Smile Ladies

I almost deleted this picture today. Why? Because I was making a "weird face". But you know what, I didn't. And you know why? Because that is how I really smile.

It's not my normal pretty smile for pictures but how I full heartedly, no holds barred, smile. I smile with my whole entire face when I'm happy. I smile with both sets of my teeth showing when I'm surrounded by those who love me. I smile with my entire body and laugh over the top when I think something is funny. And I smiled and laughed during this picture as my daughter shot it. 

That smile, this smile is ME. It's who I am and even though it's "weird", it's genuine. It's real and it is full of love. 

Accept no one's definition of what your life should look like, instead be fearlessly authentic in all that you do. 

Show that Smile Ladies. 



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