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This morning I woke up in Nashville before the sun rose. After laying around as long as I could, I let my husband sleep, threw on some clothes, left off the makeup, and ventured out downtown to grab us coffee and breakfast.

The point is, if you haven’t already, learn to be comfortable traveling alone. It’s always so mind blowing to me how many people say…”oh I could never.”

Y’all I have been around our entire country alone since I was 18. I have no problem eating in a restaurant myself or exploring things I want to see and do solo and I’m trying to teach my children that you don’t always “need someone” with you to do the things you enjoy.

Oh and while I’m offering unsolicited advice, I always make it a point to say hello to everyone I pass because 1. Your biggest free asset in safety when alone is awareness of your surroundings and 2. Life is hard and it feels good. So many people smile and are so many more seem shocked you even acknowledged them. Make their fucking day.

So seize the moment, see the world, and love you’re life. You never know what tomorrow brings.

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