Mom Bods are Hot AF

Every morning since January I get up often with the sunrise (sometimes before) and exercise. As a busy Mom and business owner it was often something I put off, delayed, or said "I'll start that tomorrow." But around that time last year I realized I had once again put on close to 25 lbs. I felt like crap. And I was even more tired. So I made some major changes. 

The first thing to change. My mindset. I had to make myself a priority too. And so I did. That no matter what the day held, (and trust me as a Business Owner and Mom of 3 with a Ranch, my days are always busy) I would work out. I also cut out caffeine and gluten. No, I'm not crazy. No, I'm not on some fad diet. I began to pay attention to how my body felt after consuming certain foods. So I cut them out one by one and magically I no longer felt exhausted, bloated, or like I was seriously going to be sick. Ya'll I felt that way EVERY SINGLE DAY for I don't know how long. 

The next thing I focused on was how I felt and my health. That making good choices wasn't about rocking a bikini but about feeling good and taking care of the body God gave me. It was really hard for me to get up early, drive 30 minutes into town to work out, then 30 minutes home. I needed that extra hour. So I began working out at home. I run in our pasture which I found the front section was almost a perfect half mile one time around. I began downloading Emeals which allowed me to find Gluten Free recipes my family would enjoy too. And although I've been through a million exercise apps and hated them all because I didn't feel challenged I found an App called Daily Burn that has been kicking my butt from my living room. * 

And just like that as my mindset changed so did my body and I pray I can keep this up. That I can remember what I've worked for and continue to use it to positively influence the 3 little girls watching me. 

Does this mean I don't yearn for the body that once was? Not one bit. Oh do I. But I also know that like my mind and actions, I'm not a 21 year old wild and carefree girl anymore. I'm in my Mid 30's. I'm a Business Owner. a Wife. and a Mother. I created life 3 different times with this body and brought the most beautiful blessings into this world. WITH THIS BODY. So sure, sometimes I wonder What the Hell happened and I still get super self conscious when it comes to swimsuit season but I also know that every day I'm working on the best of me that there can be. No excuses. 

Tell me one way that you are working towards a healthier you? I would love to hear it! 

*These are my own personal experiences and I do not endorse nor have I been paid to post about these companies. 

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