Meet the Models- Janette Sandoval

We want to take some time to celebrate the faces behind our Southern Mess brand. When we started out on this journey, we knew we didn't want to feature professionals. We wanted real woman and we wanted to ensure we celebrate those that are truly who we are. 

Our first feature is Janette Sandoval. I was crazy thrilled when I asked her to model and she agreed! I loved her edgy look, spunky personality, and she's a rockin Mama too! 

She's been married to her husband for 9 years and together 13. They have 3 children and she loves being a Wife and Mommy. She owns her own Hair Salon called Twisted Sisters in Perryton, TX where she was born and raised and shares the responsibility with her sister and business partner. She's been doing hair for 7 years. She loves her job and plans on doing hair until she's 80! 

She's a tattoo lover and has 7 already with plans for more. She's all about self expression whether it be her client's hair or her own personal tattoos. 

She's always there for her family, kids, and her friends. Shes a Taurus so she can also be quite stubborn but hey, that's a good thing! 

Her motto is "Life is too short for Maybes". 


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