Making Memories One Kid at a Time

So it's no knew news that I live an active lifestyle. Not only do a operate a full run boutique but also handle all of our Ranch needs along with raising 3 little girls. 

Most mornings you can find me running or jogging in our pasture. My husband mowed a path all the way around the front of one of the paddocks and with the cattle grazing it has always stayed shorter. It's where I share my gratitude with God, ask for prayers, and work through problems. It's where I think about my action plans and get some of my best ideas. It's quiet (no headphones needed) and the most beautiful time of day. Our Longhorns have gotten used to my runs- ya'll last year when I began running out there, they were running too- totally hilarious. Guess they thought a predator was after me. Nope, just extra calories. 

Anyway, as school let out for Summer my youngest has asked to come with me. I've politely declined several times- ya'll I NEED those 30 minutes of quiet but this morning after she asked along with "I can be healthy too, Mom" I knew that it wouldn't kill me to have her tag along and that if I'm going to lead an active lifestyle, why not have her join in too. So off we went, and I'll be honest at first I was like, "OMG there goes any planning/thinking/praying" but I had the best time. We talked, we laughed, she asked questions and I answered. I realized as the baby, she doesn't get much alone time, or undivided attention and as the rest of our house slept this was her chance to get some time without any interruption. I taught her how I run looking down in case of snakes and low and behold, we literally saw one 5 minutes later. I had actually never seen a snake out there, just knew there could be one. 

That morning, after our walk I realized that sometimes the best medicine is getting some special time with each child and it reminded me to find a way to do that a little more. Being a Mom is hard. Being a Working Mom is hard. Being a Mom to more than one Kid is Hard. Balancing it all is Hard. 

But it's so worth it right? I would love to hear how you make time for your kids special and individualized. Comment Below. 



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