Life Lessons from the Mom who did it all Backwards

Unpopular Opinion Alert and I don’t know who needs to read this but….

as my oldest prepares for her last 2 years of high school, and she’s struggling making a million plans and decisions for the future, I suggested that she not stack her schedule. I suggested she take care of what she’s required to and then pick what she likes. I told her she has her entire life to decide how she wants to spend it and over time that may change. And that’s ok.

We work hard in my household but we know how to have fun too. And I don’t aim to watch any of my girls hit burnout before their 18.

So Mamas, if any of you are struggling with registration choices here’s your sign that it’s all going to be ok.

I didn’t take AP or dual courses in high school.
I chose work release and built real world skills.
I had a really good GPA but horrid test scores.
I didn’t even go to college right when I graduated.
I chose to attend college after I had my first baby.
I carry a Bachelor’s Degree in HR
I carry a Master’s Degree in Education
And I did it all between 3 babies and full time work.

I used all that time, education, life lessons, and a completely different path to bring me to today.

I’m telling you this because I messed up so many times. I made bad choices. I was written off as a lost cause, failure, and a damn shame. And I’m still standing. The world didn’t come crashing down.

Being a productive member of society has always been my ultimate parenting goal. And it’s okay if getting there looks different for you too.

I see you ❤️

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