Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Let Me Reintroduce Myself
I'm Barb and I'm the Owner, Workaholic, and Voice behind Southern Mess Boutique. I'm the one who can't sleep when you're order goes missing off the tracking grid and also the one thinking up cute new items I can add in your packages to make you smile.
I'm a natural over sharer and I don't know what it's like to function without daily anxiety. Seriously. What. Is. That. Like?
Anyway, I turn 40 this year and for way too long I've ignored this tiny nagging voice that keeps telling me to share my story. Why? I don't know really. guess because it feels dumb. Because I sell clothing so why would I write about other things? Because I've lived most of my life with people I loved telling me that I'm not important enough to sharing anything I've been through or know so why would I think anyone else would care about my thoughts, feelings, past experiences, trauma, dreams, or what brings me joy? Much less a bunch of customers and strangers on the internet. 
But the truth is....that voice keeps getting louder and I would be lying to myself if I haven't put so much much work into growing and healing these last few years to just let that go. Because I do believe that God calls us to do the hard things and maybe just maybe, all the years of bullshit I've gone through, the rock bottoms, the pain, and ya'll the good stuff too. Maybe it's meant to be shared. 
So before you go wtf, freak out, and hit the unfollow button don't worry....I'm not going all life lesson blogger on you...and hope you'll stick around to still shop with me...New Arrivals...Ya!!! I need ya'll, please and thank you, but this year, I vowed to also open myself up a little more and be slightly more authentic and vulnerable. Share more of who I am. Where I came from. What I do and definitely don't love. What I've learned along the way. How some of my worst times have turned into my biggest blessings. And maybe just maybe, if you're going though a rough season, and those struggles feel heavy, you'll know you're not alone, because ugh, there were days I thought I couldn't possibly go on and maybe my story can help you get through yours. 
And ya'll I don't want to focus all on getting through muddy waters. My life has been filled with so many beautiful rainbows too and I want to do a good job of sharing those moments too. 
So here's to 2023, to turning 40, and sharing my story. 
Oh and friendly disclaimer: I'm not a licensed therapist, doctor, nutritionist, hormone specialist, or certified in anything except speaking my truth which usually results in 1 of 2 things. You will love me for my openness and raw honesty or you will hate me for it. 
I also have 9 lives kind of like a cat but more similar to an immortal dragon so I highly suggest you consult a professional before engaging in anything I might possibly share about my past here. Like I said before, God obviously has big plans for me. 

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