Keeping It Real- One Cup of Coffee at a Time

Real talk this Morning. 

 I’m tired. Like drop dead, crabby AF tired. 

 And here’s a fun fact. I haven’t had coffee in a month. Or eaten anything with gluten. Seriously. And I have been feeling GREAT. but this morning, I NEED COFFEE. 

 On Thursday nights I host a Live Sale for my Boutique which has me up late, getting to bed well after everyone in my house is asleep. Totally fine with that. It’s my job. And I Love It. But what you don’t know is for some crazy reason our youngest decided a few weeks ago to have some sort of obsession with riding the school bus. The bus that arrives at 6:30. The bus that I feel is just way too early for my kids that have a very long school day as it is now. I know. I was an educator for several years. They need all the rest they can get. So, we drive them in. But....her obsession is real and she has been determined to ride the bus. Even if it means going to bed earlier. Even if it means waking on her own. Even if it means discipline. And you know I'm all about Goal Diggers. So, we allowed it. But then SHIT. GOT. REAL. 

Now, to be bluntly honest I am the only early riser around here. And not that I necessarily enjoy rising before our crowing Rooster does but because if I'm going to get that workout in its got to happen at the crack of dawn or it doesn't get done. It is what it is. So, I figured it wouldn't be too bad. I would wake her up when I got up to work out and it would be fine. But then it got crazy. She began to get this obsession I wouldn't wake up. Or she would miss the bus. She began resorting to infant mode and all of the sudden I had a newborn again. One that woke at all hours of the night only this one didn't need breast fed. This one was at my bed side saying "Can you do my hair?" at 2am. "How long do I have before the bus comes?" at 3am and when I had enough of that and told her she COULD NOT WAKE ME UP THAT EARLY she began just getting ready on her own. Turning every light on and getting ready in complete entirety. A 6-year-old all dressed up with no place to go. Watching Netflix at 4am. A full 2.5 hours before the bus was set to arrive. The rest of the household still sound asleep. Her Mother? A Walking Zombie. Hangry at the World before the Sun had rose planning to fuel that anger with Carbs and plan an early Happy Hour. Who needs to work today right? My Middle Daughter says to me "Mom, you can always go back to bed" where I laugh and say "Oh silly child, but there is work to be done today and a Mother does not simply just go back to bed." 

Ah, the joys of being a Working Mom, right? 

Now any tips on getting your 6-year-old to Sleep through the Night. Seriously. Drop them Below. 

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