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9 Years ago I prepped for surgery in the midst of Hurricane Ike hitting our area. I didn't know what to expect but I was hopeful for a good outcome. I was at the first stages of Melanoma Skin Cancer. After a brutal incision to remove as deep as they could and 6 months later going under the knife again, I was left with a long scar that tells my story, but cancer free.
It's been 9 years of good checkups. Until yesterday. What I assumed would be a routine visit turned into a need for immediate medical attention in hopes of preventing the onset of Squamous Cell Carcinoma, another form of Skin Cancer from advancing. This time on my Face. I have had this itchy, patchy spot on my scalp for about 6 months. Honestly just assumed it was dry skin. Until yesterday. I will know in 2 months if the Liquid Nitrogen treatment worked (which btw hurt like hell and left my face blistered) or if advanced treatment options are required.
Southern Mess has always been more than just a clothing store to me. We have built a community of Women who support each other. It is my hope that I can use my experiences to help another. I think by now we all know how bad the sun and tanning beds are for us. The damage that I did in my teens is now catching up to me and there's nothing I can do but be aware, proactive, and prevent further damage. But I do have 3 sun loving daughters. And although I will never take the joys of sunshine away from them, I do ensure they always use sunblock, limit their exposure, and never step foot in a tanning bed. Moms, protect your babies and as they get older educate them. If I had only listened to all the warnings when I was younger instead of having an obsession with being dark things might be different for me.
Lots of Love,

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