Entrepreneur Day

Today is Entrepreneur Day and this year, more than ever, I urge you to Shop Small and locally when you can. Order that Peanut Butter from the homemade shop you see online, order those flowers from the small startup company you've been eyeing, and search for those small businesses who are built on big dreams and fearlessness. 

I started off doing small custom orders for people from my kitchen, which expanded to shipping clothing from my coffee table while my babies slept. I've grown that into a business I was able to leave my full time teaching job for, and work tirelessly to show my girls what shooting for the stars looks like. 

My models aren't professionals, just me and my sister n law and I love it. Real Mamas rocking everyday looks. My oldest daughter photographs our shoots and I edit them all. Each package that goes out is sent with love, care, and joy. 

Thank you for allowing me to continue my dreams and supporting my family. 

To all the Entrepreneur's out there, I hope your day, week, month, and year is full of Blessings and if you're out there thinking of starting something, do it! You will always have my support. 



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