Diary of the Tired Mom with Sports Kids

Diary of the Tired Mom with Sports Kids

5:00am: Alarm goes off. Contemplate faking my own death.

5:30am: Daughter reminds me we need to leave at 6am to get her on time to practice. Yes, Sis, I know. Still laying there contemplating how to get out of this whole sports parent thing.

5:45am: Throw on some clothes and consider making my sleeping husband coffee. Then consider making myself coffee. Then just consider going back to bed. Wake up other children instead so they can catch the bus. No one gets coffee.

5:55am: Other child reminds me she has UIL practice this morning at 7:20am. Text bus driver to tell her kids won’t be on.

6:00am: Realize if I take UIL practice kid with me I will be sitting in the school parking lot for almost an hour. Consider making that coffee again. Reluctantly tell them I’m taking Early Morning Practice kid in and then will come back for them. They explode oatmeal while I’m gone.

6:00am-7:30am: Literally spend almost 2 hours driving kids back and forth to practices before the sun has risen. Avoid hitting a skunk. Still thinking about coffee. Wonder if Early Morning Practice kid can ride a bike 20 miles in the dark.

7:30am: Plan to go for a run before work then realize I have to be there at 8am and I’m out of time now. Who am I kidding? Carting kids around is my cardio. Coffee sounds amazing right now.

7:30-8am: Load dishwasher, begin a load of towels in the washer, try to do my hair. Head to office. Drink no coffee.

8am-5pm: Schedule Social Media posts. Launch New Arrivals. Go Live on Facebook. Shoot 10 Try on Videos. Ship customer orders.

5pm: Get 2 youngest ones ready to cheer at football game. Realize I didn’t make dinner. Decide it’s too late to make that happen and settle for Football Game Nachos. Didn’t tell husband that’s my plan.

5:45pm-8pm: Watch little ones do a special cheer. Watch oldest cheer part of her 4 games. Take younger ones home and get them settled for bed. If they had homework it’s not getting done. In fact, I never even checked. On second thought, They will meltdown in the morning if I don’t sign their folders. Check for homework. Sign folders.

9:30pm: Head back into town to pick up oldest who is finishing her last game. Catch the end of it if I’m lucky.

10:00pm: clean up kitchen. Prep for tomorrow. Switch all that laundry I started. Wash my face. Put on pajamas.

10:30pm: Husband is snoring. Threaten to knife him if he doesn’t let me get some sleep.

Repeat for eternity til kids are in college.


  • Liz

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this post because I see my future

  • Cortney Cervantes

    For some reason I don’t see your stuff anymore..bummer..but I did get a text message and found this blog..you are a super mom..such an inspiration..I feel the same way as I have 5 kids and just took on another…reading your blog made me realize everything is not picture perfect and sometimes you have to choose your battles..way to go mom for not losing your patience and pulling through!

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