Coronavirus (Covid-19) and What it Means to Us at Southern Mess

Ya’ll, it’s not my style to discuss controversial things but as a Mom and Business Owner let me tell you.... all these shutdowns are terrifying. Kids out of school for a month. Inventory delays. Shortage of groceries and don’t even get me started on having 3 girls and discussing the TP situation.

But here’s what I’ve learned these last few days. Insomnia is real and so is stress eating. But reading all the articles, posts, etc is not helping. Worrying about tomorrow. My kids school. My business. It changes nothing. Because my problems probably don’t look like your problems. My fears may be 100 times different then yours.

But the beauty in it all is that we are in this together. The silver lining. Maybe that’s what we needed. I’m so very blessed to do what I love. If my kids have to come to the warehouse with me and miss school for a month we probably won’t be practicing math facts on an iPad. I’ll be teaching them to ship, photo flatlays, and run reports. They can learn about financials and business operations and they can teach me how to make Tik Toks and cool videos. Need help finding solutions for your kids? Let me brainstorm with you. Worried about getting them fed while you’re working? Tell me what you need. And if that’s weird or I’m too far to help let’s Open the doors of communication. Get to know your neighbors. I 100% know what it’s like to have little ones and no family nearby. Let’s use this as an opportunity to give back and contribute. Maybe I can teach your kids how to preg check cattle and you can teach mine how to redo furniture.

I read a meme yesterday that said that those of us with high anxiety 🙋🏻‍♀️ have been preparing for worst case scenarios our entire life so we already got Plan A and B down 🤣. Today I chose to only worry about what I can control.

What I do know is that we ship Nationwide from our warehouse everyday with the most versatile and cute clothes ever. I know that I plan to work harder than ever to earn your business, And I know we couldn’t do it without your love and support. We need your business to survive and we plan to earn it! From now going forward our website will change to Free Shipping on all orders because you deserve it and we love you!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, we have a pretty good/clean protocol here but we will be ramping that up to do our part in keeping everyone healthy.

Much Love,


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