Being a Fashionista

Let's talk trends. Like truly. We follow them. We buy around them. We dress around them. Some last no more than a year and some flow for what seems like forever. 

If you met me on an average day, you would probably not find me trendy. Chances are I look like one hot mess. Maybe I have makeup on, maybe I don't. Lipstick on me? Never. Eyeliner. Nope. I'm a pretty basic chick. I've never even dyed my hair. Say what? It's true. I don't paint my nails either. Okay that's kind of a lie. I actually really like to paint my nails. And get them done. But I have 3 kids, 4 businesses, and a farm to run. So it doesn't happen often. 

But this average jeans and tee girl has gotten crazy excited this season. Why? Because the latest looks are some of my favorite things and they all pair perfectly with our Graphic Tee line, Southern Mess. 

So let's talk Plaid. Not your Grandfather's Plaid but today's plaid. It's back and it's rockin as a layered look with graphic tees,  as longer cardigan styles, and accented with lace and sequins. I could wear it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Want to dress it up? Slip on a solid colored dress and some boots. Done.

We are also obsessed with modernized vintage. The latest craze, and one we thought we would hold alone, are distressed button ups and flannels. OMG. It's the bomb. 

Animal print continues to rock the market and CAMO IS BACK. Well, it never really went away for me, but it's back with styles that are insane and it's nice to see I'm not the only one sporting that look anymore! 

So keep checking back this season as our models bring you the latest looks to life in our next big campaign shoot coming up. 

Lots of Love,


Southern Mess 


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