Back to School - Mom's this one is for you!

I like to call it the calm before the storm but honestly the week before school starts is often my most chaotic. And I'm learning to breathe and go with the flow which to be completely honest, is insanely hard for this Type A, borderline OCD chick. Yes, I'm talking about Me. 

So if you've found yourself feeling sleep deprived lately, have to do lists a mile long, keep forgetting that one thing your kids also need for school and have to go back, and are about over filling out what feels like a million forms for you kids to enroll, you're in good company. 

Running a Business is Hard. Being a Mom is Harder. Balancing them both has me feeling some days like I'm a super skilled Ninja and other days like one Big Hot Mess. 

So Mom's, breathe a little. Drink that Wine. Try not to lose your cool on people who are probably as stressed as you are. And know that this too will pass. 

In the meantime we have all your fashion needs covered. Whether you want to win Best Dressed in the Car Rider Line or just trying to look like you have your Shit Together, we get it. We are here. 



Owner, Designer, and Workaholic at Southern Mess 

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