An Anniversary and a Birthday

As another year creeps in, I'm constantly reminded that I'm not getting any younger. I have 3 little girls and my oldest will be rushing off to Jr. High next year. Unsettling for a Mama who gave birth to her at the young age of 22 for sure. 

Interestingly enough, this day, my birthday, is also the anniversary of Southern Mess. Up until this time last year, we were a small Etsy shop still testing waters. Over Christmas last year, I told my husband I was going to become an online boutique. I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes. 

My first website looked childish really. Setup as best I could. For those who placed their very first orders, thank you. You've watched us grow, succeed, and become well, You. 

I wanted to do something special for our anniversary but wasn't sure what. So I ordered this over the top Southern outfit from another boutique owner not really confident I would actually ever wear it. Oh how I tried it on. For weeks. Back and forth. Do I? Don't I? Is it too flashy? Am I too old? Can I even pull this thing off? I need to lose weight. I need to be 20 again. My boobs are too big. My stomach isn't flat enough. Can my legs get any whiter?

And then I remembered something said to me by two different people last week. Eat the Cake. Buy the Shoes. Take the Trip. I kept thinking "Wear the dress." 

And I did. Because our whole company, my vision, is about celebrating woman. For who they are, what they've become, and what they can be. No strings attached. I designed a shirt with a phonetically spelled cuss word displayed across the chest for goodness sake. I can do this. And I did. 

So Happy Birthday to me, another year older but probably not grown up yet, whatever that is anyway.

Happy Anniversary to Southern Mess because without ya'll, there would be no us. 

So let's celebrate because we can't wait to show you how unstoppable we can be in 2017. 



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